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I’m Charlie, I’m 23 and I love anything Dance, Musical Theatre and Fitness related!
My passion first started when I was 5, taking part in my first dance lesson in Swaffham. There I spent many many years taking yearly exams and taking part in local pantomimes as a junior dancer. I practically lived at my dance school, making routines up and dreaming of becoming a teacher one day! After finishing high school, I managed to successfully gain a place at Evolution Foundation college (which was inevitably the best year of my life!) and then went on to train at Wilkes Academy.
After about a year, I decided I would try something different and went into employment In customer facing roles. I love speaking to people but fitness/dance is my passion, so I went on a course for BOOGIE BOUNCE in July 2019 and was fully qualified fairly soon after. I Started teaching this in September 2019, in Swaffham and it became a massive hit! The buzz I got from each class was amazing! I love seeing everyone’s faces during and afterwards!….and knowing that I was helping everyone’s health and mindset really made me realise how rewarding being a fitness instructor is and this is where I wanted to expand my knowledge and be able to teach so much more….

During lockdown 1.0 I managed to qualify for another brand BROADWAY BOOGIE and most Importantly qualified in Level 2 Exercise To Music which meant that I could teach a wide variety of different exercise classes. I also qualified as a Konga! Jungle body instructor – which is an AMAZING class too! I love them all!
Lockdown effected us all, and through this I realised how important exercise truly is to everyones mental health. Due to gyms being forced to close, instructors had to take their classes online. This for me was a massive foot in the door and I haven’t looked back since! I definitely think classes online are the way forward and are a massive part of my timetable!

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